Safety Max is a local provider of DNA testing.  This test is typically used to determine if a person is the father of a child.  The father and the child must both be tested.  If the father is deceased or not available, the grandparents may be eligible to take the DNA test.  The best results come from the alleged father.

The DNA procedure usually consist of filling out the proper paperwork, swabbing the cheeks of the father and child, taking a photo of the father and child, sending the packet off to a certified lab.  There is never any blood taken for a DNA test.  The results take about 5 to 8 days to come back. 

Safety Max can go to a jail or prison to do the testing.  We can also do DNA testing of a dead or deceased person.  This must be done in the first 1-3 days of death.  The test usually takes place in a funeral home.  DNA test on a deceased person is normally done for insurance purposes to determine if a survivor is eligible for insurance money or death benefits.