The urine test is a simple test.  The client (employee or person) fills out the proper paperwork and is then sent to the restroom with a cup.  Our restrooms are secure and all proper precautions are made to make sure there is no cheating.  Once the client has filled the cup with urine, our certified tech will check to make sure the temperature is between 92 and 99 degrees.  With an instant test, we can read the results instantly.  It is better to send the sample off to our certified lab for confirmation before firing or not hiring someone.  Lab results can be used in court.

Some clients have tried to trick the system and use another person’s urine.  They then heat the urine to try to make it look like it was right out of their body.  This rarely works because it’s usually too hot or cold. The proper procedure is to make the client wait at least 10 minutes so any urine brought in will have time to cool off.  Our tech will not let the client leave the building because they might go out to the car and meet someone to get another’s urine.  We can observe the client in the restroom if requested.

Urine testing of drugs will tell if a client has used drugs in the last 7 to 10 days.  Marijuana will stay in a person’s system for as long as 30 or more days.  In rare occasions, marijuana will show up on a test much longer.

Our tech then test the urine to see if there are any positives for drugs.  We then complete the paperwork.  If the results go to the employer, we will email or call the employer.  If the client is paying for the test, then we will give that person the results.  We are under no obligation to report the results to anyone else.