If the extinguisher is 40 lbs or less, the bottom of the extinguisher must me between 4” and 60” off the floor.  This is the majority of fire extinguishers. If the extinguisher is over 40 lbs, the bottom of the extinguisher should be between 4” and 42” off the floor.

The extinguisher must be installed using the correct bracket.  Ex., pin style, fork style, J-hook, etc.

Distance & Location
Extinguishers must be installed a minimum of 75 ft apart (walking distance) for ordinary hazards.  If there are obstacles to walk around, then the distance is measured accordingly (not in a straight line). If there are hazards like combustibles or electrical boxes, etc, then the extinguishers shall be mounted every 50 ft. It is recommended that some extinguishers be mounted near exit doors.

Fire extinguisher signs are highly recommended for installation above the extinguisher to help locate the extinguisher in the event of a fire.

Match Type with Desination
The proper type of extinguisher should be installed to meet the needs of a particular hazard.  For example, a Halatron extinguisher should be installed in a computer room. Halatron extinguishers will not damage the computer equipment like an ABC would.